Serendipities is an international peer-reviewed online journal for sociology and history of the social sciences, established in 2014.

We provide an open-access journal so all articles are available free of charge. Please register if you are interested in receiving information about new publications once they are posted online.


Serendipities publishes three kinds of texts:

Articles report research results, develop theoretical arguments, or – at best – offer a combination of both. An article has to be concerned with the sociology and history of the social sciences and should demonstrate how it adds to our understanding by relating to and positioning itself towards the relevant literature from this field.

Book reviews are intended to present and assess new publications relevant to the field of the journal. There is no restriction with regard to the language of the reviewed publication. Moreover, it is the explicit aim of the editors that this section will function both as a forum for critical evaluation of new books and as a platform for those who are not able to read them in their original.

A third kind of text will be materials, These can either be archival materials, i.e., items from the past that are deemed valuable enough to be made visible to the scientific community, e.g. letters, unpublished manuscripts, administrative documents etc., together with short commentaries on the significance of the documents. Or, using some of the functionalities offered by digitalization, these materials can also be contemporary reconstructions of past situations (e.g., visualizations), data sets, or the like.

Further, Serendipities will also make use of typical features of the Web by encouraging discussions online.




CfP: Meeting of the Network for the History of Empirical Social Research (NHESR). Lisbon, 27-28 June 2019


The Network for the History of Empirical Social Research (NHESR) was created in the late 1980s by members of the Research Committee on the History of Sociology (RC08), an official section of the International Sociological Association (ISA). Every two years since the first meetings in 1988 in Paris and Cambridge, NHESR members have met in order to present their ongoing research. In 2019, our meeting will take place at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

We are seeking for interested scholars to join our 2019 meeting and present and discuss their work. We will welcome papers based on empirical research, methodological or theoretical thinking in the fields of the history of sociology, of social sciences and especially of empirical social research addressing one or more of the following issues:

(1) Methods, surveys, data, theories;
(2) Institutes, social scientists, journals, scientific networks, associations, congresses, teaching social sciences.

PhD candidates and early career researchers are strongly invited to send proposals for the meeting. Proposals must contain an abstract (max. 1 page), a title and a CV and should be sent until February 1st, 2019, to The decision of the organizing committee will then be announced in March 2019.

Organizing committee: Frederico Ágoas (CICS.NOVA FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, local organizer), Alexander Knoth (University of Potsdam, Network coordinator), Léa Renard (University of Potsdam & University Grenoble Alpes, Network coordinator)

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Hamilton Cravens (1938-2015)

Death notice of Hamilton Cravens, member of Serendipities International Advisory Board  
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